Grand Lodge Temple of Armenia
    A sacred place for all Armenian Masons around the world to come together, strengthen the bonds of the Brotherhood and work hand in hand for the progress and prosperity of our beloved country and our fraternity.

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    Dear Visitor,

    Welcome to the website of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Armenia. This Grand Lodge is the only regular, sovereign and recognized Masonic authority on the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

    On July 13, 2012 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Consecration of the Grand Lodge of Armenia.

    Ten years have passed from the day that we consecrated the Grand lodge of Armenia with three original lodges. During the past ten years, our fraternity has grown from three to eight lodges, and a lodge of instruction, working in Armenia and one lodge working in Tblisi, Georgia.

    Our Grand Lodge has been recognized by more than forty Grand Lodges all over the world.

    Armenia, being a mountainous country, has traditionally been the home of stone and masonry craftsmen who have created a great civilization on its territory. Today, we are proud to see that next to these operative masons we have free and accepted Masons who, through Masonic teachings, are walking upright before God and man, being charitable to all in need, men who through their work and deeds exemplify gratefulness to their Creator, faithfulness to their country and fraternalism to their fellow man.

    The Grand Lodge of Armenia is also enjoying and attracting the participation of affiliated Armenian and non-Armenian Masons living all over the world, placing us in a unique position in contributing to Universal Brotherhood and our international relations.

    Today is a time of celebration, a time to reflect on our past heritage, concentrate on our present and work toward a bright future.

    May the blessing of the Great Architect of The Universe be upon you in all times.

    Armen Simonian
    Grand Master
    Grand Lodge of Armenia